Educational Leadership Reflection 12.5.14


Here’s my third and final essay for this semester at SCSU.  If it helps you or anyone working to enter educational leadership, feel free to share.  Thanks!


Milestones of the Personalized Internship Project


This week marks a major milestone of my Personalized Internship Project (PIP). I worked with my English Language Arts (ELA) team and department supervisors to develop a workshop on protocols for looking at student work, which I rebadged Learning from Student Work (LSW). I assumed responsibility for running the workshop with support from my team. The workshop went well, and I received positive feedback from attendees. Furthermore, my supervisors wrote an e-mail thanking me for my efforts and commending me to the superintendent.

How the Experience Contributed to My Understanding of Leadership

Working with my team and supervisors over the past few months was rewarding and productive. The workshop was the culmination of our collaboration so far, and it was a rewarding experience. Much of my experience so far could be described as learning about leadership. Running the workshop could be considered the actual work of leadership, as I introduced some new concepts to teachers and guided them to begin to make changes in their practice. What I have not studied or experienced to a great degree so far is the edification and camaraderie shared by leaders working together when completing a project. It reminds me of how I feel when a classroom lesson goes well, and reflecting on it is always instructive and satisfying. Leadership studies do not do the emotional and psychological aspects of completed leadership objectives justice. Success breeds success, and I hope to continue to improve my skills and capacity to lead. Continue reading

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Rhythm Room Christmas Songs


The holiday season upon us, so here are two holiday music videos by my brother’s band, The Rhythm Room. A World Music and percussion group, they do a nice job with two traditional Christmas songs, so I’ll post them as my gift to you.

It doesn’t matter what holiday you celebrate: good music is good music, right? Enjoy!

My little bro shows at around 1:00 in both videos.

Educational Leadership Internship Reflection 10.31.14


Here’s another reflection on my educational leadership internship through SCSU.  As always, questions, comments, and advices are all very much appreciated.  Thanks!

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Educational Leadership Internship Reflection 10.10.14


If you follow this blog, you might guess why I haven’t posted in a while.  My study of educational leadership is getting in the way!  I’m serving as an intern this semester through SCSU, and here is my first reflection about the experience.  Anyone else transitioning from classroom teacher to administrator?  Comments are appreciated.

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The Best Pen for Writers


Here’s a change of pace for this blog–a product review.  Long story short, I need to practice my penmanship for the written Connecticut school administrator’s exam in October, so I invested in a bunch of different pens–including some nice fountain pens.  I’m no pen expert (start here for real advice), so I experimented with pens by Uniball, Sharpie, Zebra, Fisher, and Pilot.  The cool thing is that during the process I rediscovered a love for good, old-fashioned writing.  All summer I’ve been drafting poetry, fiction, blog posts, and even a new novel by hand.  It’s been a lot of fun and an excellent writer’s exercise in revision.  It’s fun to send out correspondence by snail mail, too, and old friends were shocked by how legible my writing had finally become!

Since this is a pen review for writers, I actually wrote it out.  See the images below for info about my favorite pen of all, the Pilot Vanishing Point fountain pen.  Enjoy, and let us know how you incorporate handwritten drafts into your writing process.  Also, what’s your favorite pen and why?

pilot vanishing point review, writing, creative

pilot vanishing point review, writing, creative

My Own Attempt at Concise Nonfiction


So I guess short forms of creative writing are a thing now.  I wish I knew about this sooner, because there’s a lot of room for it on this blog.  Some names for this type of writing (other than blogging, I suppose) include:

  • prose poetry
  • microfiction
  • flash essays
  • flash nonfiction
  • micro-essays
  • concise nonfiction

A lot of my journaling could fall into these categories.  There are some neat online resources and journals that publish these pieces.  Here are a few of my favorite examples and a great list someone else put together: Continue reading

Self-Publication Project: A Karate Children’s Book


Sorry I’ve been on a bit of an impromptu blogging break.  Finishing up two summer grad classes have cut out of my writing time.  Academic work and blogging don’t always mix, either, and neither do the really fun creative writing projects on which I’ve been hoping to work.  Thanks for reading the trickle of posts on education I’ve managed.  Look for more on philosophy and some poems and stories soon!

I do have one writing project to share, though.  A while ago, I posted about the best books for baby on my fatherhood blog, and that lead to a project idea.  A local artist, Marissa Dziedzic, and I wrote and illustrated a children’s book all about Shohei-Ryu karate last year, and we’re in the process of ushering it through to self publication.  (Look for reflections on the process on this blog.)

Click through for a preview scan of the title page.

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