Would you like to read more about the philosophy I discuss on this blog? If you like my essay “How to Live Well After the Digital Revolution“, and you would like to learn more, you should check out my first manuscript. It’s a fictional account of three adventurous young people navigate their relationships with philosophy, religion, and each other.

Click to the left for a free copy of Good Circuits, A Novel (Beta Edition). If you read it and wish to contribute feedback, ideas, or other expertise to this manuscript, I’d be honored.  I’d be happy to collaborate on a project of yours as a repayment. While I’m still new to writing fiction, I’ve got a decent little copywriting/editing gig going and a lot of experience (as you can see here). I can coach you throughout the writing process, and I specialize in marketing, social media, and electronic publishing.  Click the image for your very own copy of Good Circuits, A Novel (Beta Edition).  Thanks for your consideration.

I also wrote a screenplay about technology and culture a while back as part of a fundraiser for my school.  You can read it through Amazon Studios, free of charge.  Take a look!

Lastly, I published a children’s book about karate through Lulu.  If you would like to share the martial arts with a young person, this is a great way to start!