Technology is supposed to make life better, right? But that’s not always the case. In the age of social media, smartphones, and online dating, why is it that we feel increasingly distant from one another?

It seems to be a matter of substance. Is it possible to have a real, meaningful interactions on the Internet? Without flaming, trolling, or becoming rabid ideologues?  Without mindlessly watching singing cats and kids’ unboxing videos?

Thoughtful use of technology seems to be the answer. Being mindful in how we live online can help lead us to live happy, self-actualized lives. We firmly believe that the appropriate use of technology empowers us to earn the lives we want and to help create the world in which we want to live.

So if you agree that there’s more to your online life than reading memes, then please come along for the ride. Technology can enhance our experience of living, if we let it.  Let’s get together around areas of shared interest.  Join us as we develop honest content you can care about.

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