The New Good Circuits Blog


It’s been a long time coming, but the new Good Circuits Blog is finally here! Thanks for your patience! I hope you like the new, cleaner, more navigable site. You’ll find the content has a new focus as well.

You see, I believe there’s more to life online than watching cats play piano on YouTube and reading memes. It seems the more connected our lives become, the more alienated we feel from one another. Why this irony? Isn’t technology supposed to make our lives better?

Being mindful in how we communicate online is the answer. Technology can help lead us to live happy, self-actualized lives. It just takes thoughtfulness and communication about feelings, issues, and ideas–not frivolous home videos or digitized shouting matches.

Sometimes, it’s hard to find sites with substance. I’m working to change that.

Ramblings, observations, reviews, photography, poetry, unsolicited advice. This site will host all of that and more. Most importantly, your comments and contributions will be what brings us all together. I hope you will join me in sharing what you love so we can all love it too!

— Bill Antonitis

PS — If you’re curious about what forms my views, please read my essay “How to Live Well After the Digital Revolution”. It’s a treatise of sorts, and it’s a little headier than what will normally appear on this site, but I hope you enjoy it.

PPS — Look for me to tweet and post my attempts at insight on Twitter and Facebook. Follow today!