Welcome to our new site!


We’re glad to finally go live! Please feel free to take a look around. We hope to make a place where people interested in the arts and philosophy can share ideas and projects. If you’re always tried answering “deep questions” through creation and contemplation, then look no further!

In an age deluged by so much media, it’s easy to lose sight of the power that human creativity can wield. Without the proper outlets, people feel frustrated and disenfranchised as their self-expression and philosophical endeavors become harder to pursue. We think this quest never has it been so important.

As you can see, this is meant to be a communal pursuit. Click on the different categories to see what our friends have been up to. If you have essays, interviews, stories, poems, photos, film, music, or anything else to offer, please let us know. If your work shares our vision, we’d love to feature you on the site.  Please see the “Would you like to contribute?” page for more information.

Thanks so much for visiting. Come back often as our site grows with talented artists, authors, and thinkers.

2 thoughts on “Welcome to our new site!

    • That’s a good question. I started this and another blog at the same time, and ended up working primarily on the other. Hopefully I can get this one up and running by the start of the new year. Check back, and thanks for the comment!

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