TicNet Screenplay on Amazon Studios


Here’s a screenplay I wrote recently while teaching a film class.  If you have time to download it and rate it on Amazon Studios, that would be great!  Here’s the premise:

In the not-so-distant future, Cornelius Butler (Con) lives in an America dominated by a social media. Floating cameras called Eyebots follow people around and broadcast their every action. People draw even more attention to themselves, and watch others, via devices called TICs (Totally Integrated Communicators) or simply by watching and broadcasting on their computers. People compete for “followers” by engaging in sensationalism and pray to make it big by starring in their own “channel.” Society’s far from perfect, but nobody pays it any mind.

Con is a man with only two followers. He writes poetry in his spare time. Who wants to watch him waste time like that? Con has a typical job. He remotely supervises a team of highway workers as they install special security cameras to scan the insides of cars for illegal immigrants, draft dodgers, and contraband. Ignored and laughed at by his crew, harangued by his boss, and embarrassed by his mother, Cornelius knows it’s time for a change.

He soon learns of a different way of life. He meets a young woman, Iris. She’s one of the last museum curators, and they quickly bond over their love of antiquity, privacy, and a good laugh.

As Con and Iris get even more serious, they try to get away from the cameras. Barred from their voyeurism, followers flock to the couple over TICnet–especially Con. He actually becomes well known for his “alternative lifestyle” of writing love poems and his penchant for quiet contemplation. What will happen when he’s discovered by a producer who offers him his own channel and a chance to introduce people to his art?

And here’s the link.  Thanks for your consideration!


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