Turbulence; a poem


Cruising serenely at Angels 45 – wind shear – the bottom falls out
Masks deploy – extremities violated- cocktails wasted

Panic ensues –  leveling off – an eerie calm – I-Phone cams clicking – evidence gathered
Litigation for sure – counsel contacted before family

A natural occurrence; equipment malfunction; pilot error?
Terra firma finally – a media frenzy – bodies and minds traumatized

Assaulted by the querying queue – inane questions – no remorse
“How do you feel – will you fly again?” – thousand mile stares; disbelief

Lead story – film@11:00 – global headlines; in scant hours; history
I.E.D.’s kill 9 American G.I.’s  in Kabul; ”How do you feel?”

by Poppa Ernie

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