Cutting it Close?


To my surprise Barack Obama won his reelection campaign. Govenor Romney provided a real challange on grounds of the economy, which I believed would win him the election.

People vote with their wallets. Just ask Jimmy Carter or George H. W. Bush.

But President Obama won anyway. And the commentary I saw all echoed the same theme:

The Republican party is exclusive, while the Democratic party is inclusive.

I’ll be totally objective here. No matter what you believe or how you side on all the major issues of this election, you have to see that the Republicans did not actively court new voters. They called to action their base–people of similar beliefs. They didn’t try to invite anyone new to their party.

And I’ll pun on the word party. Isn’t a party more fun when everyone’s invited? “The more the merrier?”

If you exclude people from your group, you automatically limit participation. That may suit some people fine–and I won’t judge–but it certainly won’t win you a national election.

America’s increasingly diverse and well informed demographics won’t exclusion as a political or social practice happen anymore.

And that’s something we should be proud of.

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