The Wealth of Happiness


The record Powerball jackpot held this week got me thinking. If I actually won (I only got one number!) what would I do with all that money? After a vacation or two, I’d like to think I’d use it for something worthwhile. Something that would make people happy.

This got me thinking about an analogy about happiness. Here goes . . .

The concept of ethics is really simple. Happiness is the measure of living well. The happier you are, the better you’re living. The acts that bring the most happiness to us generally bring the most happiness to others as well. The universe rewards those who work to create wellness and happiness.

Let’s compare karma to an emotional bank account. When your actions cause sadness, you draw from what is good in the universe, and you feel suffering because of it. When you add to the goodness of the universe, you feel joy.

Happiness is like wealth: some of us are born with it, some of us get lucky and win it, but most of us really have to work for it. No matter how poor your circumstances may be, there are always ways to make some money. This is also true for happiness. If you find yourself feeling bankrupt, try spending what you do have on improving yourself, helping others, or enacting positive change.

Like with finance, the universe rewards those who invest in the long term. Those who count on quick wins and easy dividends usually end up losing in the end.

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