The Most Important Thing to Teach your Child


Here’s a quick post on why the Japanese manufacturing concept of kaizen is probably the most valuable lesson you can teach your child.  A word meaning “continuous improvement”, or literally “good change”, kaizen principles call you to always strive to get a little better at what you’re doing every day.  As a teacher and a parent, I find that focusing on kaizen is an essential part of my life that I try to share with others.  I hope you will find the same in your own life, and please tell us about your experiences in the comments.

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Still on Hiatus . . . but Check This Out!!!


People are usually surprised when a father is involved in his child’s life. They’re shocked if he is fit, vibrant, and up for anything. Be it challenging yourself in the weightroom or the boardroom, being the best you can be is essential to your child’s well being. Who else will inspire them to chase their dreams?

That’s why I’ve started Jacked Dad. If you like all the fitness and nutrition tips on this site, but you’d like to learn more about how to fit them into the wonderful craziness that is fatherhood, then check out Jacked Dad!

Sorry this has kept me away from this site for awhile. There was a lot of heartfelt writing that went into even the first few posts. That, and the actually parenting thing takes up a bit of time! Anyway, check out my new site. There’s lots of great stuff to come!


It’s your duty as an American to check out the Jacked Dad Blog!