Self-Publication Project: A Karate Children’s Book


Sorry I’ve been on a bit of an impromptu blogging break.  Finishing up two summer grad classes have cut out of my writing time.  Academic work and blogging don’t always mix, either, and neither do the really fun creative writing projects on which I’ve been hoping to work.  Thanks for reading the trickle of posts on education I’ve managed.  Look for more on philosophy and some poems and stories soon!

I do have one writing project to share, though.  A while ago, I posted about the best books for baby on my fatherhood blog, and that lead to a project idea.  A local artist, Marissa Dziedzic, and I wrote and illustrated a children’s book all about Shohei-Ryu karate last year, and we’re in the process of ushering it through to self publication.  (Look for reflections on the process on this blog.)

Click through for a preview scan of the title page.

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