The Audacity of Real Change


The title of this post is a mashup of Obama and Romney political slogans. I could probably look at any race for any office throughout the country to come up some other ones.

I bet there would be some real doozies, as, believe it or not, the presidential campaign is probably one of the more civil contests going on right now.

In Connecticut Linda McMahon (WWE family member) and Congressman Chris Murphy are, for lack of a more fitting phrase, laying the smackdown on each other. Both seem to want retiring senator Joe Lieberman’s seat more than Hulk Hogan has ever wanted his belt.

Both are fighting dirtier than any professional wrestler I’ve ever seen in the ring. And they are spending A LOT of money to drag each other through the mud–more than any other election in my state.

Unlike in the ring, however, real issues and people’s lives are at stake. In a political climate dominated by spectacle funded by supepacs and mass media, wouldn’t it be nice for a mainstream candidate to step back for a second to question the campaign system?

I know he or she would earn my vote. It would reveal the candidates real character, and it wouldn’t cost a thing.