Website Update Coming this Summer!


It’s been nearly a year since launching this site.  While we have a small readership, it’s been fun connecting with all of you!  Over the next few months, I’ll be changing the format of this site to build some better ways for us to think about arts and ethics as a community.  Here are a few of the anticipated changes:

1. A fresh new–and brighter–design!

2. More of a focus on self-fulfillment and actualization.  I’ve been reading a lot of great literature on these topics of the past few years and would love to start sharing it with you.  After all, you’re worth it!

3. More work on the Good Circuits Project.  A lot of the theory and philosophy that underpins the manuscript can, and should, be explored here together.  Also, feedback on how to fix the story will be easier to give and receive.

Anyway, those are the three big things I’ll focus on.  If you think of more, let me know! – Bill Antonitis

It’s only cold when you first jump in!

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