The Book of Kells


I met a gentleman at my school’s open house the other night.  He had a T-shirt from the gift shop at Trinity College in Dublin, where they house The Book of Kells.

If you’ve never heard of the book, one look at its artistry will prove to you that it’s one of the most magnificent books ever made.  No matter what religion you believe, it’s hard not to marvel at it.  I saw The Book of Kells once, long ago, and I don’t think I appreciated it as much as I would now.

I told this parent so, and I mentioned that I was a bit jealous and that I’d love to go back to see it.  He thought for a second, and said, “Don’t be jealous.  Just enjoy what’s around you today.”  What started as a bit of small talk turned into a nice reminder to live in the now.  And it got me thinking about how much of a privilege I missed out on during my first trip to Ireland.

I can’t wait to go back some day.  But, until then, I have a lot of other amazing books to admire.

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