I’ve always loved this quote from Larry Watson’s Montana 1948.

Young people are supposed to be the impatient ones, but in most cases they can outwait their elders. The young are more practiced; time passes slower for them and they are constantly filling their hours, days, months, and years with waiting–for birthdays, for Christmas, for Father to return, for summer to arrive, for graduation, for the rain to stop, for the minister to stop talking, for girls to stop saying, “Not now, not yet; wait.” No, when it comes to patience, even the enforced variety, the young are the real masters.

For adults, it’s different. We can usually get whatever we want whenever we want it. Unlike children, we can often choose what we wait for. The question is, when we are actually forced to wait for something, is it worth it? You might be waiting for a promotion, a vacation, for the new iPhone 5, for the birth of your son or daughter, to reach a goal, or to make a new start.

But you always have to weigh your options. If waiting is the right decision, then choose wisely.

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