People First


Mitt Romney has received a lot of criticism for his comments about the 47% of people who are “dependent on government” and who “feel entitled”. Clearly what he said is inflammatory, but he has also received a lot of praise. Conservatives of all stripes love him for making these idealistic, yet controversial, statements.

Personally, I’m a political moderate, and I try to take what politicians say with a grain of salt. They are lawyers, businessmen, and, mainly, career speakers who will say what ever they can just to get elected. Romney seems to fit this description. President Obama is probably the best speaker of our generation. Most Americans now rate the effectiveness at his job much differently than his ability to rock the mic.

Love a candidate or hate him, that’s fine. What’s troubling is that candidates (and voters) put ideals and rhetoric ahead of people. And the public is at fault. If politicians pander to us for votes, then they will say whatever it is we want to hear.

Why do we want to hear someone degrade us in the name of a conservative–or liberal–utopia that has never, and will never, exist? Why would you vote for someone who believes in such a place?

Real life is messy. Sometimes people need help, and sometimes people need room to grow. Maybe it’s time we start voting for the candidate that puts people’s individual needs before mere politics.

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